Monday, October 28, 2013

3 ways how you can help others when writing an ebook

Do you know something, which could help the world, or at least a lot of people?

Hundreds of thousands of people do, worldwide. In fact, all of us know something, which might help somebody else, we only have to sort out what it is: stories, recipes, how-to manuals, ideas....

The good news is: These days lots of us are already sharing our thoughts in blogs, online forums, and – ebooks.

Ebook publishing is cheap and easy to do. Most people can do it without too much professional help, which explains this industry's boom. It has freed all of us of having to find somebody, who will take the risk and pay for printing our thoughts and writings. Additionally, the worldwide web gives all of us the opportunity to market our books ourselves and not be dependent on marketing services. We have come a far way since Gutenberg has invented the printing press in 1450.

Now that
  • People have discovered the opportunity to empower others, share their solutions and ideas, and 
  • Consumers pay anywhere between 99 cents and $9.99 to find solutions, which they can carry around on their tablets and/or smartphones; is there 
  • MORE GOOD, that we can do with these new opportunities?  
YES, every ebook author can help in three ways:
  1. Help people, who look for the answers you already found
  2. Donate money to a charitable organization, which has impressed you with their work
  3. Keep telling the stories of good deeds to inspire others and help to make the world a better place.
5% of every sold copy of my book 'Naked Determination' goes to the Red Cross. In the book I tell (among many other adventure stories) how, after Tropical Storm Mitch turned my backyard into a disaster zone, the Red Cross showed up. They brought my children and me a warm meal. This was so unexpected and the volunteers were so kind that I never forgot.
Readers, who have not experienced a natural disaster can read what it feels like, may decide that they want to donate to this great organization themselves, and also know that I’ll be sending money to the Red Cross for sure.  

I also put a picture of my much used Red-Cross-Messenger-Bag into the book, so readers could decide to purchase some of the Red Cross merchandise, and thereby help the Red Cross:

Excerpt from my ebook "Naked Determination, 41 Stories About Overcoming Fear"

I feel it is great way to give back and at the same time have this story of kindness live on - forever. Naturally, this just one of many options and ideas.

If you think about publishing an ebook you might consider if there is way to give back for you too. While in my case the choice was easy, with a bit of creativity everybody can find a way to do so. This option is not limited to non-fiction books. 

The author of a cookbook could donate to an organization, which feeds the hungry, the author of a Sci-fi novel could donate to an organization protecting the environment, and a children's book author could donate to UNICEF or similar organizations. Please also find a way to tell how the organization of your choice has impressed you because by getting published your thoughts will live forever. 

I am about to send another check to the Red Cross and it feels good.

Gisela Hausmann, author & blogger 


A born adventurer, Gisela Hausmann is an award-winning author, who has also produced movies, co-piloted small planes, and designed a coffee-table book, which was chosen as a gift for President Clinton. A unique mixture out of risk-taker and calculating organization talent she has globe-trotted almost 100,000 kilometers on three continents.  

Gisela Hausmann graduated with a master's degree from the University of Vienna. She now lives with her cat Artemis in Greenville, SC.

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  1. When I wrote this blog last month I did not know how important this idea would become so soon. Super Typhoon Haiyan is just one example how all of us need to share, help, and support each other.

  2. These are three ideas I had not considered. I will think carefully about this, Thanks!